It's a question students, parents, and district officials have been wrestling with all summer: Start school early and finish the semester before winter break, or continue as is and finish the semester after the holiday break?

The topic of a calendar change has been a source of controversy since making a change was first discussed back in May. The main goal of the change is to make it so students finish their semester before winter break instead of after.

The most opposition came from the first proposal which would have started the school year on August 15 essentially cutting about a week off from summer break.

Dan Hollar with the Boise School District said the calendar committee then went back to the drawing board. He said while it's hard to please everyone, the committee wanted to try to come up with a compromise.

The second proposal brought to the public moved the start date to August 20 - just a couple days before the normal start date. This option takes away two in-service days and changes them to instructional days. Those in-service days would be moved to before the school year starts.

"I do appreciate the fact that they heard the concerns about the very early August 15th start date so I appreciate they made the adjustment," said parent Annie Black. "I think there are more adjustments they could make. I think they could change their process to include patrons and taxpayers on their calendar committee so that this is something that this is resolved in a way each that's more than just staff members and administrators."

Sheila Miller, a teacher at Borah High School, says she agrees with this new calendar change.

"My own students when I asked them last year and this year, they said 'Oh finally someone listened to us,' and we would like to have everything done by Christmas or that winter so that we can enjoy it," said Miller. "We can have a true restful break and start second semester up again."

Monday night, the board voted unanimously to approve the second calendar change proposal.

The new calendar will go into effect next school year and students will return back to school on August 20.