We are getting closer to the total solar eclipse.

It's expected to bring thousands to Idaho on August 21.

It's an amazing event -- but are you prepared to safely view it?

The Boise State Physics Department held a workshop Sunday to prepare and educate people on how to watch the eclipse the right way.

Physics professor Brian Jackson says you need eclipse shades -- which have dark lenses in them -- to safely look at the sun.

“Looking at the sun can be quite dangerous,” said Jackson. “You can damage your retina permanently or even make yourself blind, especially if you use a telescope or binoculars. You do not want to look directly at the sun, even during an eclipse. The danger of looking at an eclipse is that you can be looking at the sun, damaging your retinas and not actually feel any pain.”

Jackson says if you are planning to view the eclipse, order some eclipse shades now, because they will be much harder to come by closer to the eclipse.