BOISE - Two people have been cited after police say they were caught on surveillance video trespassing at an unoccupied home in Alto Via Court.

The road in the Terra Nativa subdivision of the Boise Foothills has been closed and homes evacuated for more than a year because of a slow landslide that has created large crevices in the ground and caused significant structural damage to the homes.

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A surveillance camera at one of the homes showed two people trespassing at a home marked with no trespassing signs. Police say they were able to identify the pair as 18-year-old Grace Fiderlick and 18-year-old Jarod Hembree, both of Boise.

Investigators cited both Fiderlick and Hembree with misdemeanor trespassing on Wednesday.

This is the second time in recent weeks that citations have been issued for trespassing in the neighborhood. On May 21, two men and two juveniles were found hanging out inside one of the crumbling homes. The men were arrested while the boys were released to their families.