BOISE - A woman accused in a deadly hit-and-run crash has been arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona, police announced on Wednesday.

According to investigators, La Porsha Merritt was arrested by Scottsdale Police on Tuesday. She's being held on a $500,000 warrant out of Idaho for a charge of voluntary manslaughter.

Police say Merritt was behind the wheel of a car that hit and killed 28-year-old Pascal Baredetse in the parking lot of a La Quinta Inn and Suites on Vista Avenue back on May 15.

Merritt and Baredetse knew each other and had been in a disagreement before the incident, police said. Witnesses told officers that Merritt and two other people got into the car as Baredetse chased them and pounded on the windows of the car. Investigators said Merritt then struck and ran over Baredetse with the car before driving away. Baredetse died later that day from his injuries.

After months of investigation, detectives identified the driver as Merritt in September. Police are now working to get her extradited back to Idaho.