BOISE -- The body of 61-year-old Mark Irwin was found in a vehicle in the Boise foothills this past August. After a two month investigation, Francis March has been charged with killing him. She is charged with first degree murder, destruction of evidence, and failure to notify police of a dead body. All three are felonies.

March appeared in an Ada County Courtroom on Monday. A judge set her bond at $1 million.

Prosecutors say March drugged Irwin and then suffocated him with a plastic bag. March is then accused of hogtying Irwin's body to a plastic playground slide, wrapping him in a plastic tarp, and stealing his vehicle to drive his body up into the Boise foothills.

Prosecutors say she planned to then come back and dispose of the body.

"Law enforcement through the aid of civilian witnesses near the area where the van was located up in the foothills found a large dug-out hole in the ground, approximately 5 x 3 x 2. The hole had red shovel marks on the sides corresponding to the red shovel located in the car in which defendant was stopped," the prosecuting attorney said.

March and Irwin did know each other, prosecutors say March either lived at or outside Irwin's house. March was arrested back in August after police say she and 19-year-old Anthony Barclay tried to pawn off one of Irwin's rifles. March is also being charged with burglary and grand theft in connection to Irwin's death.

She is due back in court on November 9.