GARDEN CITY -- Investigators are looking for an injured person and a suspect after a reported stabbing along the Greenbelt in Garden City Wednesday night.

According to dispatchers, someone called 911 at about 9:30 p.m to report a person had been stabbed near the Garden City Senior Center on Reed Street. A woman walking on the Greenbelt told officers she had seen a man with blood on him.

Officers searched the area and found blood on the Greenbelt path, but no sign of a victim or attacker.

"No victim, no suspect, just blood," GCPD Sgt. Angela Lythgoe said.

Lythgoe said it's unusual for someone who has been injured not to come forward.

"It is rare that we don't have a victim," she said. "Usually if someone is hurt, they want to talk with either the police or get paramedic help so it is a little rare that you don't have anyone."

Garden City Police spent hours combing the area Wednesday night with help from Boise Police and the Ada County Sheriff's Office. Boise Fire was also called in, and used its thermal imaging equipment to search the river and thick bushes along the Greenbelt.

So far, nothing has been found.

Police say they're treating the incident as a suspicious situation, and are looking for more information. Anyone who knows something about what happened is urged to call Garden City Police or Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.