MERIDIAN -- Meridian Elementary and the Meridian Boys & Girls Club were placed briefly in shelter-in-place on Tuesday after police said a man threatened a driver with a knife near the school.

Police said the female driver was heading north on Main Street at State Street at around noon when a man jumped in front of her car. The driver had to put on her brakes to avoid hitting the man.

The man stood in front of the car and pulled out a lock blade-style pocketknife, held it up in a threatening manner and said something like, "You should have run me over.

Meridian Police Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea said the driver and the man did not know each other

The suspect - later identified as 43-year-old-David Criss - then continued across the street and rummaged in some garbage cans.

Police said the driver followed Criss in her car and called 911, then Criss walked by Meridian Elementary and leaned on the school's fence.

Police quickly put a shelter-in- place in effect at the school and the Boys & Girls Club.

The man did not enter the school or try to get inside.

Criss was sitting on the curb at West Washington and NW 1st when police arrived.

Police said the man was visibly under the influence, and that they found methamphetamine and syringes on his person.

The knife was recovered from a garbage can at Main and State.

Criss was arrested and charged with: aggravated assault (felony), possession of methamphetamine (felony), possession of drug paraphernalia (misdemeanor), interrupting the educational process (misdemeanor) and pedestrian under the influence (misdemeanor).