TWIN FALLS -- Police in Twin Falls are investigating a kidnapping and robbery they say happened Tuesday afternoon in the 200 block of Main Avenue East.

A Hispanic man in his 50's says he was grabbed by three white men who battered him and threw him into a white four-door sedan.

The victim reported being forced to lie down as they drove him out of city limits on Pole Line Road west, somewhere east of Rock Creek Canyon. He said he was eventually able to jump out of the car and escape, but was chased down and assaulted again with a baseball bat.

The man says he was left stranded without his phone or wallet but was able to make his way to a road where he was given a ride to his son's house by someone in a red pickup.

"We also would like to speak with the gentleman who was driving the red pickup truck who picked up this individual. We would like to interview him so at this time this is an active investigation," said Twin Falls Police Chief Craig Kingsbury.

The victim described all three assailants as white men with bald heads and facial hair. 

If you have any information, call the Twin Falls Police Department at (208) 735-4357 or Crime Stoppers at (208) 732-5387.