CALDWELL -- The owner of a Nampa business is facing a felony charge after police say he pulled a handgun on a customer who came into his store to complain about spoiled meat.

Gerardo R. Salcedo is currently held in the Canyon County Jail on an immigration hold and a charge of aggravated assault.

The incident happened Wednesday evening at the Campos Market 3302 Caldwell Boulevard.

According to police documents, the victim came into the business to return meat he said had gone bad. The man told police he got into an argument with Salcedo's wife after she refused to give him his money back. He also spoke with Salcedo, and argued with him as well.

The customer said he was upset with the conversation, and knocked over some merchandise as he was leaving the store. As he got into his vehicle, according to the court documents, he saw Salcedo retrieve a handgun from near the cash register and run to the door, pointing the gun at him.

The victim said he sped away as Salcedo's wife grabbed the store owner and pulled him back.

When questioned by police, Salcedo admitted to arguing with the man, then walking back to his office in the back of the store. According to police, Salcedo said he then looked at the security cameras and "noticed that there had been a commotion."

Salcedo said he saw his wife moving frantically, and thought the customer might have attacked her. At that point, he ran out to the front of the store, he said, and grabbed his Ruger SR9C 9mm handgun from under the register.

The store owner said he was trying to scare the other man away. He said as he began to follow the customer out of the door, his wife pushed him back so he wouldn't walk out with the gun.

According to the Nampa Police officer who reviewed surveillance footage from inside the store, the video shows the victim and Salcedo argue, then the customer knock over merchandise that had been sitting on the counter as he left.

The store owner's wife ran after the man, and Salcedo went to the cash register, retrieved the gun, and tried to follow the customer, waving the gun in the air as his wife tried to hold him back, the officer said.

Salcedo was arrested Wednesday. He pleaded not guilty to the charge Friday, and is set for a preliminary hearing April 27.