BOISE -- A Boise man was arrested early Friday morning after police say he fought with officers and dragged two of them with his car.

The incident happened after Boise Police officers were called out to a home near Division Avenue and Hale Street at about 3:30 a.m. According to the person who called police, four people, one of whom was carrying a gun, were harassing a victim at that house.

Officers arrived and saw four people leaving the victim's yard and getting into a car. When they made contact with the people in the car, the driver - later identified as 43-year-old Francisco Lopez of Boise - ignored the officers' commands to keep his hands in sight and get out of the car, police say.

The officers tried to pull Lopez out of the car but he fought back, according to police. At one point during the fight, police say, Lopez put the car in gear and attempted to drive away, dragging the officers down the street in the process.

Lopez then rammed his vehicle into a patrol car, bringing it to a halt. One of the officers was able to reach into the car and pull the keys out of the ignition.

Police say Lopez continued to struggle with officers, at one point reaching for a gun in the right front pocket of his shorts. Lopez' front passenger, 30-year-old Michelle Churchman of Boise, also reached over and tried to put the car in drive, officers said.

The officers were eventually able to get Lopez, Churchman, and two backseat passengers - identified as 35-year-old Aaron Owyhee of Boise and 25-year-old Fidel Molina of Meridian - into custody.

During a search of the car, officers say they found 10 ounces of marijuana on the front passenger seat floorboard and 30 grams of methamphetamine in the trunk. A baggie containing a white powder substance that tested presumptive positive for meth was also found in the seat where Owyhee had been sitting.

All four suspects were booked into the Ada County Jail.

Lopez is charged with two counts of aggravated battery on an officer, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, grand theft, drug trafficking and disorderly conduct. Churchman is charged with possession of drugs with intent to deliver, resisting and obstructing and disorderly conduct. Owyhee is charged with drug possession and disorderly conduct, and Molina is charged with disorderly conduct.