BOISE - Six officers fired their service weapons after being shot at by a man in the Hulls Gulch area of the Boise foothills Saturday morning, the Boise Police Department said.

The department on Sunday released the names of the officers, whose times of service with Boise Police range from one to 16 years:

-Officer Eric Johnson - 14 years with BPD
-Officer Robert Johnson - 11 years with BPD
-Officer Andrew Johnson - 16 years with BPD
-Officer Chris Zimmer - 4 years with BPD
-Officer Chris Wirshing - 10 years with BPD
-Officer Tyjuan Lynn - 1 year with BPD

None of the officers were injured in the exchange.

Also on Sunday, police said the area where the shooting occurred has been cleared and the trails reopened.

Meanwhile, an investigation by the Critical Incident Task Force continues into the ordeal that left the suspect and a dog dead.

Boise Police Chief Bill Bones said on Saturday that officers were called to the area for reports of a man threatening hikers and their dogs. Minutes later, another call came in.

"Unfortunately we received another call and the suspect had shot a dog belonging to one of our foothills users in the area of Hulls Gulch," Bones said.

Foothills shooting witness: A dog 'yelped in pain'

Mark Goforth, a Boise resident who hikes and bikes in this area of the foothills often, says what happened Saturday morning was shocking. Like any other day, Goforth was heading to the Hulls Gulch area to take pictures.

"I was hoping for maybe a great northern owl or a friend of Ada the elk or something, but not this," Goforth said.

He came upon a chaotic scene, and his lens caught panic instead.

"I started hiking up Kestrel trail a little ways and then ran into this small group that I then found out were one of the original contacts with the gunman," Goforth said.

Then, he says, they gave him a chilling account of what they experienced on the trail.

"They said they came upon him and said hi; he didn't acknowledge them," Goforth said. "Then, apparently 20- 50 yards past, he then stated or yelled I'm going to start killing people or killing people with dogs."

Officers made contact with the suspect about a mile down the Kestrel Trail.

"When they challenged him, the suspect fired multiple shots at the officers, the officers returned fire and the suspect has died at the scene," Bones said.

No officers were injured.

Police shut down roads and first secured the Hulls Gulch area Saturday morning, and access to that area was limited throughout the day. Bones said public safety is the main priority.

"Everything that we've been focused on right now is making things safe - securing the scene, keeping people out," Bones said. "It's a busy day, lots of people in the foothills, so trying to get them safely through there while we're able to conduct the follow-up, get the paramedics up into that area, It's far enough up that it's going to take a while to resolve this."

The Ada County Critical Incident Task Force, led by the Meridian Police Department, has been activated to investigate the shooting.