It was a normal day for photographer Sarah Ledford on a trail behind Camel's Back Park.

Ledford had just left a home photography session with parents who brought their baby home from the NICU then she made her way to the trails to spend her Friday evening doing a couple maternity shoots.

"As soon as that session was over I kind of set my gear down right there, walked my clients up the hill to get them back to their car and get my next session and bring them down," said Ledford.

It's the same routine she's had since she started her business, ShutterHappy Photography, seven years ago.

"It's always in eye shot," said Ledford, "I can see everything I'm doing."

What happened next was far from routine. While Ledford was at the top of the hill getting something out of her car, her clients saw a woman down the hill by Sarah's equipment.

"She had long dark hair, white gal, wearing dark clothes and carrying a bag," said Ledford. "They looked down the hill and there was this lady kind of fumbling next to my gear, fumbling with her bag. It looked like she was putting stuff in it. The husband was like 'is that woman stealing Sarah's camera?'"

Inside the camera: an SD card full of clients' pictures. Rescheduling one of those clients for another appointment wasn't too hard, but for an expectant mom who has a history of going into labor early it m ay not be that simple.

"Theres a really good chance she could have this baby before were even able to get her more maternity pictures done," Ledford said. "The maternity session that she may not have the pictures for bothers me."

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Ledford owns more than one camera and lens, but as for the stolen camera she says it was insured so it can easily be replaced. Memories, however, cannot be.

"As far as I'm concerned if you really need my camera that bad, keep it and send me the SD card back," said Ledford. "Give those people their pictures back, give them their memories back."

Ledford says Boise Police officers were at the trail within five minutes searching for the woman but they had no luck. If you have any information you are urged to call the Boise Police Department.