One Boise Police officer shot Friday afternoon during a fugitive search in the Central Rim neighborhood is home from the hospital, but another remains in critical condition.

Boise Police Chief Bill Bones said Saturday that Cpl. Chris Davis was released from Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center and able to walk out of the hospital. Bones said Davis is a 16-year veteran of the Boise Police Department, working as a trainer and a senior member of the Special Operations Unit. He was shot one time on Friday.

A second officer who was shot multiple times remained in critical condition Saturday, but was "more stable," Bones said. Police have not been able to talk with him, and his name has not been released.
Bones did say that the officer will need reconstructive surgery, and months of treatment.

"He's a 17-year veteran officer of our department, one of the toughest men I know. And I have all the faith in the world in his ability to conquer and come back," Bones said. "This morning we're just thankful that they're both still with us."

The Fraternal Order of Police - Treasure Valley Lodge #11 is collecting donations to help the officer as he receives medical care and recovers from his injuries.

Donations can be made one of three ways:

  • GoFundMe
  • Mountain West Bank - Donations can be made at any Mountain West Bank Branch to the Fraternal Order of Police - Treasure Valley Lodge #11 Benevolent Fund
  • Mail in Donations - Fraternal Order of Police - Treasure Valley Lodge #11 - PO Box 642, Meridian, Idaho 83680 (Make checks payable to: Benevolent Fund)

A K-9, Jardo, was also shot in the incident on Friday, suffering a life-threatening injury to his chest. The Belgian Malimois was released to go home with his handler Saturday evening. Jardo underwent surgery Friday night at WestVet, and lost a lung.

Boise Police K-9 Jardo left WestVet to go home with his handler Saturday evening, one day after being shot during a fugitive search. Jardo lost a lung because of the shooting. Photo from Boise Police K-9

The following message was posted on the Boise PD K-9 Facebook page after Jardo's release:

"Some more great news coming from the Vet this evening… Jardo was recently released from the hospital and is on his way home with his family. Naturally, he still has some resting and recuperating to do, but this tough guy will get to do it in the comfort of home, and with the people that he loves."

"It's a trying time for us, but it's great to have the kind of support we're seeing," Chief Bones said.

Friday's shooting happened near Irving and Wilson streets, as police were doing a yard-to-yard search for Marco Romero, 33, a suspect in a shooting that injured two people Tuesday in Meridian, as well as a carjacking that occurred Thursday, also in Meridian.
The man who fired the shots that wounded the officers and police dog was shot and killed.
Bones said Friday that police believe Romero was that man, but his identity has not been confirmed with 100-percent certainty.

Four Boise Police officers, all members of the Special Operations Unit, fired at the suspect:

Cpl. Chris Davis, 16 years with BPD

Det. Brian Holland, 13 years with BPD

Cpl. Norman Carter, 20 years with BPD, 23 years total law enforcement experience

Sgt. Loren Hilliard, 13 years with BPD

"Our officers, regardless of how they can do everything absolutely right, make no mistakes, and do things the way we ask them to do, can't control the factors that might be in somebody's mind," Bones said. "They expose themselves to the danger of getting shot, and even killed, every time they go out."

A Critical Incident Task Force led by Garden City Police is investigating the incident.
Bones said Saturday that the Boise Police Dept. has received "overwhelming support" from the community in many forms, including social media posts, cards, letters, and brownies.
"It really does mean a lot to all of our officers," he said.

Boise Mayor David Bieter released the following statement Saturday afternoon:

"Yesterday’s news that two of our officers were shot in the line of duty disturbed us all greatly. It is a stark reminder that, even here in Boise, our police officers put their lives at risk on our behalf each and every day. We can never thank them enough for what they do to make our city and families safe.

Cpl. Chris Davis’ release from the hospital this morning came as a great relief. I was able to speak with him last night and wish him and his family well on his quick recovery.

Like all Boiseans, I’m sure, my thoughts and prayers remain focused on the second officer shot yesterday. While his condition has improved, his recovery is likely to be more lengthy and challenging. I ask our entire community keep him and his family in your prayers as they work through this difficult time and toward his full recovery.

I’d also like to recognize Jardo, the canine officer who was shot during yesterday’s incident. Our canine officers play an important role in keeping our city safe and earn great respect from their fellow officers. Get well Jardo.

We don’t fully understand the circumstances of yesterday’s incident, but I’m sure the family of the suspect involved is also distraught and struggling with how he became involved in a situation with such a horrible outcome. Our thoughts and prayers go to them as well.

And finally, I’d like to thank the residents of Boise, whose support of our officers during this time has been swift, heartfelt and abundant. On behalf of all of our officers, I thank you."

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