UPDATE: Nampa police on Wednesday night confirmed that the van reported about in this story is a delivery van, and the driver was was delivering packages in the area.

NAMPA - Police are investigating a possible attempted abduction after the driver of a van chased two girls in a Nampa neighborhood Tuesday night.

Police said the incident happened around 7 p.m.on South Skyview Drive off of Dooley Lane.

It was reported that a man driving a white van drove slowly by a home on Skyview, where two pre-teen girls were playing outside. The driver then turned the van around, stopped in front of the house and the girls ran into the garage.

Police said the man got out of the van and chased the girls partially up the driveway. He then got back into the van and drove away.

Some neighbors reported that the van could have been in the same neighborhood the night before.

The van is white and is described as being a newer model with a chassis cab and no windows behind the front doors. There were no emblems or logos on it, and the upper tail light on the driver's side was out.