TWIN FALLS - A man was arrested after police said he attacked a woman inside her Twin Falls home, police said.

Twin Falls officers responded at around 11:13 p.m. Thursday to a report of of an attack on a woman in the 500 block of Quincy Street.

The suspect was reported to be walking in the area when he approached the victim and asked for water.

Police said when the victim went inside her home with the with the suspect to get him some water, he attacked and battered her.

The woman was taken to St. Luke's Regional Medical Center for treatment.

The suspect was identified as 27-year-old Eddie Taylor III. He has been charged with burglary, first-degree kidnapping, aggravated battery, battery with intent to commit a serious felony and interfering with a 911 emergency phone call.

Police said Taylor - who relocated from Dallas to Twin Falls about six months ago - may have knocked on the door of at least one other home in the area on Thursday, and detectives are asking residents - especially those who live in the 500 block of Quincy - to let police know if they saw or had contact with the suspect. If so, call Det. Asmir Kararic at (208) 735-7211 or (208) 735-4357.

"Although we live in a safe community, it is important that we all remain vigilant and watch out for our neighbors," Police Chief Craig Kingsbury said. "This is especially true of neighbors who may live alone. Do not hesitate to contact the Twin Falls Police Department if something seems suspicious in your neighborhood."