PORTLAND, Ore. -- The federal judge overseeing jury deliberations in the trial of Ammon Bundy and others involved in the occupation of an Oregon wildlife refuge is considering how to proceed after one juror submitted a note saying another juror was biased.

U.S. District Court Judge Anna Brown reconvened federal prosecutors and attorneys for the seven defendants Tuesday afternoon after jurors submitted two notes to the judge.

One note said a juror had said in deliberations he was biased. That note questions whether the juror can be considered impartial.

Brown, the prosecutors and defense attorneys are now examining whether there is case law that addresses how to proceed when a question of juror impartiality arises during jury deliberations.

Another note asks whether the jurors must reach verdicts for all seven defendants, or if they can reach verdicts for three defendants.

The notes indicate the jury is having difficulty reaching a consensus. They have deliberated for three days.