A new state analysis shows that just 4 percent of reported rapes in Idaho result in a guilty conviction of a sex crime.

According to the Idaho State Police report, rape charges are the most likely to be amended or modified to a lesser offense compared to other sex crime charges.

The report also found 24 percent of reported sex offenses statewide resulted in an arrest between 2009 and 2015 compared to 49 percent of other violent crimes.

Jean Fisher is the Ada County Prosecutor's Office Special Crimes Chief and the Chief Operating Officer at FACES of Hope Victim Center. She says the report is misleading.

"I think the stats clearly don't tell the story," said Fisher.

She says the number one reason is because the report states that it does not include statutory rape cases, and lewd conduct with a child under 16 and sexual battery charges may be coded differently so also may not be included.

"They are missing a huge swath of cases," said Fisher.

Over half of them, according to Fisher. She says many times sexual assault cases involving children are delayed and even dismissed and re-filed later so prosecutors can have more time then the 14 days allowed before a hearing.

Fisher is concerned this report paints an inaccurate picture of law enforcement and the justice system.

ISP tells us they just compiled and reported the data and didn't interpret it. However, the ISP spokesperson says next time they should reach out to those who work on sexual assault cases, like Jean Fisher, to get more insight.

If you would like to see the full report click here.