It's been two months since the bodies of two women and a teenage girl were discovered in a shed on the property of a Caldwell home.

Since then, there have been developments and leads in the case, but the suspect, Gerald Michael Bullinger, hasn't been found.

For the first time in his life, Mark Medley stepped foot in Caldwell, Idaho and through the doors of the home in KCID Road where his sister-in-law Nadja Medley and niece Payton Medley were killed.

"It was extremely emotional, extremely stressful," said Medley. "It was sadness mostly, going through their personal belongings and finding things that reminded me of them."

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For Medley, it's hard not to think about what happened to them weeks before their bodies were found decomposing in a shed.

"I think about it on a daily basis," he said. "The scenario that I have playing in my mind as to what exactly happened is just horrifying."

Nadja and her daughter moved to Caldwell to be with Bullinger, who was named a person of interest in the homicide shortly after their bodies were discovered.

Bullinger's personal life quickly came to light. The third victim found along with Nadja and Payton was his wife Cheryl Baker.

"[Nadja] had no idea that he was married to his wife," Medley said. "If she had, she would never would have gotten involved with him and more so, she never would have moved up to Idaho with him."

Since June 20, when Nadja's mother-in-law contacted the Canyon County Sheriff's Office about not being able to reach them, the family has been trying to find the answers to troubling questions.

"Why wouldn't you just leave them alone?" Medley asked. "Why in the world would you go this far with what you did? What was your motive?"

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Now, he wants to make sure no one forgets what happened and everyone keeps their eyes open for Bullinger.

"When it hits home, it really hits home," said Medley. "I'm having a hard time coping with it. If I had a crystal ball and was able to look ahead I would've been able to say something to her about it."

He is also looking for justice for all three victims.

"I don't know if this is ever going to happen, but after he is caught for him to confess to what happened, what he did."

Bullinger is now being charged with three counts of first degree murder in addition to a previous charge of failure to report a death.

Officials say Bullinger is considered armed and dangerous.