BOISE -- An investigation into drug abuse at three local hotels culminated in police arresting eight people and seizing a stolen car and a myriad of narcotics.

Boise Police's patrol unit teamed up with the neighborhood contact unit, gang unit and Probation and Parole to make the busts. Police say the team was able to zero in on three local hotels that have had a problem wth ongoing drug use.

"We are aware of the national opioid problem and we are working diligently to make sure we don't see the same trends here in Boise," Sgt. Nicholas Duggan said in a press release.

Two of the eight total arrests came Wednesday after police were asked to help probation and parole officers find a person who had fled. As officers watched a hotel in the 3000 block of Vista Avenue for drug activity, they spotted 22-year-old Angel Thornton walking into the hotel.

Boise Police contacted Thornton and 21-year-old Sarah Myers, who was also in the hotel room, and got consent to search the room.

Inside, officers found 2.1 ounces of suspected heroin, 3.8 grams of suspected methamphetamine, multiple syringes, and drug paraphernalia, police say.

Both Thornton and Myers were arrested and booked into the Ada County Jail on felony drug charges.

Officer arrested six other people and seized drugs including methamphetamine, heroin and bath salts Tuesday and Wednesday as part of the investigation. In total, police found seven grams of meth, 4.4 grams of marijuana, 2.35 ounces of heroin, 5.9 grams of bath salts, 12 grams of cocaine, and more than 50 pills.