BOISE - A shooting on the Central Rim in Boise had many neighbors still shaken Friday night.

"It's a complete shock for us because this is such a nice neighborhood," Jake Chapple said.

The officer-involved shooting left one man dead, two officers in the hospital, and a police K-9 injured.

Neighbors in the area tell KTVB they were given two choices: Either leave, or lock everything in their house and stay inside.

"We had police everywhere you look. Lots of police officers," Jack Garrett said.

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Garrett says after spending several hours locked up inside his house, he figured that the suspect must had left their neighborhood. So he and his wife were getting ready to go to dinner.

"I went out the door to ask him again if we could leave and about that time, I heard six shots. They weren't little pistol shots. They were high-powered shots," Garrett said.

Garrett says police told him that the suspect jumped the fence into his backyard and ran into a neighbor’s yard before he was shot by police.

"My wife was really nervous. She was quite upset. It didn't bother me to much because I was all locked up," Garrett said.

One question still remains for many neighbors on the Central Rim: How did this man get into their neighborhood?

"Why is he in my neighborhood?," Chapple asked.