BOISE -- A Boise man accused of swiping cigarettes and five lottery tickets from a Boise store could face decades in prison if convicted.

James Raymond Boylan, 37, was arrested Friday afternoon after the theft at a business in the 10000 block of West State Street. Police say surveillance video from the store showed a man taking the cigarettes and lottery tickets, along with other items.

Boylan was identified as the suspect and arrested after an investigation by Boise Police.

He faces five felony counts of lottery ticket violations, defined in Idaho law as knowingly presenting an illegally obtained state lottery ticket for payment. He also is charged with felony burglary - defined as entering a building with intent to commit a theft - and misdemeanor petit theft.

If found guilty of the charges, Boylan could face up to five years in prison for each of the lottery charges and up to ten years in prison for burglary.

He is due to appear in court Tuesday afternoon.