A Boise auto dealer got an unpleasant surprise when he went to work Monday morning. He found that 10 of the cars on his lot were missing.

"Something happened here, it's not right," said Nelson Rengifo. "I found some of the cars' doors wide open, and the office was wide open and I saw a lot of empty spots," said Rengifo.

Ten spots to be exact. Cars weren't all that were stolen from Nelson's Auto Company either. Keys to each of the remaining cars in the lot and several tools from inside the office were also taken - leaving Rengifo to wonder about the future of his business.

"Am I going to be able to keep in business? How much was the damage?," asked Rengifo.

He also worries that the thieves will be back.

"That's our first thought," said Rengifo. "We say the reason they maybe took the keys is because they will try to come back."

Rengifo asked nearby gas stations if they saw anything suspicious overnight. That's where he ran into a business owner who had some insight.

"They found two cars abandoned behind his building," said Rengifo.

Two cars were towed Monday morning from that business, which is just down the street from the car lot. A couple of hours later, another car sighting.

"I found, maybe a couple miles from here, another car," said Rengifo. "To move eight cars you need more people so I bet someone is going to talk and someone is going to give us some tips. We are going to find the person who did this. I know we're going to recover, I'm positive."

Officials with the Boise Police Department say they are continuing to go through surveillance footage from nearby businesses and the investigation is ongoing.