BOISE -- An Oregon woman is facing a felony charge after another driver told investigators she opened fire at him from her minivan on Interstate 84 Friday night.

The man called 911 at about 9:30 p.m., telling dispatchers a woman with a shaved head had just shot a handgun at him as they both drove on the interstate.

The driver said he was headed east on I-84 between Black Cat and Ten Mile roads when a minivan cut him off without signaling, forcing him to slam on his brakes. He said he had pulled into the passing lane to get around the minivan when he saw the woman - later identified as 38-year-old Kimberly Scheline of Island City, Ore.- point a revolver out her window at his pickup.

The man hit his brakes and saw Scheline fire the gun, he told investigators.

He said he slowed down and got behind the minivan until Scheline got off I-84 at the Ten Mile exit. According to the Ada County Sheriff's Office, he was able to write down the van's Canyon County license plate number before calling 911.

The victim wasn't hurt, and did not find any bullet holes in his pickup.

Using the plate number, deputies identified Scheline as one of the registered drivers of the van, and began searching for her. They found her a few hours later at a bar in the Kuna area.

Investigators found a .38 caliber revolver, from which one round had recently been fired, inside the car of someone who drove Scheline from a Kuna home to the bar, according to the ACSO. Scheline was taken into custody on a felony aggravated assault charge.

She was booked into the Ada County Jail, where she remains on a $100,000 bond, She is due to appear in court April 24. 

If convicted, Scheline could face up to five years in prison.