An organization dedicated to helping children in poverty is trying to make an impact through experience.

Compassion International hosts interactive tours to help people understand what these children go through.

This week, that tour is here in Idaho.

Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa is hosting “The Compassion Experience” through Oct. 8.

Compassion International is a child sponsorship organization. They work in 25 countries around the world helping children out of extreme poverty. The idea is of this exhibit is to help find these kids sponsors to help them succeed in life.

"We just kind of bring the countries, the stories, the experience here," said Chelsea Vocal, tour manager for Compassion Experience.

It’s an interactive exhibit where visitors can step into the lives of children who grew up in poverty.

“What their life was like beforehand living in poverty,” Vocal said. “And what they're doing now so you can kind of see their story of success."

The Compassion Experience tells two true stories of children who had gone through the program.

“Problems here just aren't quite the same as other countries,” Vocal said. “And it helps children realize how lucky they are with the toys and the things that they have."

"I feel bad for those people that don't have food or water or get to go to school or anything,” said Ariya Nill, a visitor. “So it impacts my life. I care about the other people and I just hope someday that they'll get sponsored and get to go to school."