BOISE - Thousands of people crossed a finish line Saturday morning in Boise.

They weren’t in a competition for a gold medal -- they were running or walking for someone who has fought breast cancer, or may face that battle in the future, in the 2017 Susan G. Komen Boise Race for the Cure.

“My sisters have breast cancer. My aunt died from breast cancer,” said Hoby Cliff of Boise.

Several local firefighters participated.

“Several of us have personal ties to this,” said Meridian firefighter Dan Cole. “My mother had breast cancer. My mother-in-law had breast cancer. My aunt, my wife’s aunt – a lot of guys in the family have been touched by breast cancer.”

Judy Dickett of Sacramento, California, was running in her 165th Race for the Cure event.

“I am a 20-year survivor. I was diagnosed at the age of 33,” she said.

Like other breast cancer survivors who talked with KTVB, Dickett hopes to raise awareness for more people to get tested early.

“Try not to forget it. Put it on your calendar. Do that self-exam, and get a mammogram – especially if breast cancer runs in your family,” Dickett said.

“Don’t be afraid,” said Carol Coyle of McCall. “It’s worse to wait and guess that there might be something wrong. Go out and get a mammogram.”

Thousands of runners, but one message and, ultimately, the same goal.

“My cancer has actually come back twice during that 20 years, but I keep running, I keep speaking,” Dickett said. “I keep letting people know that there is going to be a cure in my lifetime.”