A Boise police officer is featured prominently in a new children's book, called "The Lost Horses." The author is a second grader at Willow Creek Elementary School in Nampa.

Ella Bowman loves to visit the horses at her grandma's ranch, and that's how she met Officer Jessica Perkins. The story soon followed.

"She's my grandma's horseshoer and she was there one day when I was spending the night at my grandma's house and I went out there to ask her some questions for my book," Ella explained.

"She was asking me a little bit about being a police officer, what I do, what kinds of horses I have," said Perkins.

The pair became fast friends. Little did Perkins know she would soon be solving a crime in Bowman's book.

"Ellie saw the gate was open and it was robbers that stole the horses into the forest," Ella read.

Ellie is the main character in the book. Her horses were gone so she called Officer Perkins to help. The book explains that she used investigative skills to track them down.

Perkins remembers reading the book for the first time.

"I was sitting in my truck in the parking lot and just reading it so fast it was so awesome," said Perkins. "I was so amazed by what a great story it was."

Ella is only getting started. She says she has many more stories to write.

"My next one will be "The Lost Puppies," she said.

Bowman says she wants to be a rodeo queen and teacher when she gets older. Her family is printing copies of "The Lost Horses" for the Boise Police Department's PAL program. The books will be sold to fund the youth programs.