MINNEAPOLIS - Charges are expected this week against a Minneapolis day care provider suspected of hanging a toddler.

Police say the woman also hit two people with her mini-van as she fled the scene.

Jacob Carrigan, one of the two people she allegedly hit, has reasons to be angry. Yet, he's not.

“I'm trying to make the most of this,” Carrigan said. “I’m so grateful that nobody died.”

Carrigan rides his bike everywhere. Friday morning on his way to work, he was crossing the intersection of Park and 28th in South Minneapolis when he says he saw a gold mini-van bearing down on him.

A picture of the van police say was involved in two hit-and-runs on Friday. The driver was involved in an alleged hanging at a South Minneapolis in-home day care.     (Photo: KARE 11)

Police say the driver was a 42-year-old day care provider who'd just hanged a toddler in her home. Police say she hit one pedestrian who'd just stepped out of his car, dragging him for several blocks, then hit Carrigan, breaking his tibia and fibula.

The other man whom the driver hit is in worse shape. This father of young children is in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury, a shattered leg, other broken bones, and burns throughout his body from being dragged behind the van. He's no longer in critical condition, but his attorney says he'll have a long stay in the hospital.

Despite the horrific chain of events, Carrigan doesn't hold onto anger. Especially upon hearing the driver was stopped from apparently trying to jump to her death over the Park Avenue bridge.

Police say one of the two people struck by a woman fleeing a crime scene in her vehicle is in critical condition. 

“Kind of immediately wanted to feel compassion for like what could lead them to the circumstances,” Carrigan said.

The toddler was rescued and, police say, is doing well. Carrigan and the other pedestrian hurt are expected to recover.

A for the woman police say caused it all, Carrigan holds compassion.

“I definitely don't want her to be just locked up and neglected,” Carrigan said.