KUNA - Kuna is a small city headed for the population big leagues.

A couple decades behind Nampa and Meridian, Kuna is now on a path to become one of Idaho’s Top 10 if it can add about 12,000 people to its population of 19,700. Kuna now has the 14th largest population in the state.

City leaders expect the population to double within the next 10 or 15 years. They doubled Kuna’s official area of city impact from 7.5 square miles to 78 square miles in February. The city limits also have expanded from 3.38 square miles to 19.16 square miles since 2005 and more square mileage routinely is annexed.

A look at the active housing projects in Kuna confirms that growth is rampant. Some 24 housing developments are under construction or are pending construction, with as many as 3,500 anticipated homes listed in city records.

CBH Homes, already omnipresent in the Treasure Valley with 17,000 homes built since 1992, has eight developments under way in Kuna, including Crimson Point, which with 560 homes approved and 182 homes built is “so far the single biggest subdivision in Kuna,” said Troy Behunin, senior planner at the city of Kuna.

CBH Homes and developer Tim Eck plan to surpass that with their 700-plus-home Springhill development at Lake Hazel and Linder roads.

“This will be the biggest subdivision in Kuna, the biggest planned community,” Behunin said. “It has the potential to become the premier subdivision in Kuna. They will probably be building phase 1 by the end of summer.”

CBH President and owner Corey Barton has built homes in Kuna for 17 or 18 years, starting at a time when the population was 6,924.

“We like serving a certain price range,” Barton said. “Kuna has been able to help us to do this for people who want new homes.”

CBH homes in Kuna range from $180,000 to $325,000, he said.

“Meridian’s a better location if you want to be closer to Boise,” Barton said. “That doesn’t fit into all of our budgets. Some people just want bigger lots. The big difference is the size of lots are a little bigger.”

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