BOISE -- If you want to start a business but don’t know how, an event geared toward helping is happening in Boise this week.

Boise Startup Week is a five day event with 40 different workshops led by local entrepreneurs.

Organizers say startups are creating more jobs across the nation than any other type of business, and that growth is good for local economies.

“[Companies] that are employing more and more people that are helping to grow the community, and those dollars that stay in our community then multiply time and time again,” Boise director of economic development Nic Miller said.

He said the point of this week-long event is to make it easier for people starting a business to succeed.

"We're equipping them with the skills to make sure that they are connected to the resources and mentors and services they need to grow and avoid pit falls early on," Miller said.

Miller said jobs at startups appeal to people because often times they have a different work environment than a traditional office job. He used Trailhead Boise, a non-profit dedicated to helping local startups thrive, as an example.

“You know you look around a place like Trailhead, and it doesn't feel like your typical office,” Miller said. “And not only the kind of cool factor of it, but also the potential for these businesses to grow and scale and create a lot of wealth in our community."

Miller said Boise has already seen this with Micron.

“Years ago Micron was two people in a basement and it was a startup,” he said. “It's grown to employ close to 5,000 people in Boise."

To see the full list of events, click here.