Eureka! Shrimp Tacos

¼ cup Korean BBQ Sauce
2 yellow corn tortillas
¼ cup shredded green cabbage
¼ cup cucumber salad
2 Tbsp. shredded carrot
3 oz. medium shrimp
2 tsp. chopped peanuts
1 slice radish watermelon, julienned
4 leaves cilantro
1 lime wedge
1 portion French Fries

1. Heat tortillas on flat top grill – no oil.
2. Place BBQ sauce and shrimp in pan, cook over medium-high heat until cooked through.
3. Place tortillas on plate. Build tacos starting with cabbage, cucumber and carrots.
4. Place shrimp with remaining sauce atop cabbage with peanuts, cilantro and sliced radish.