BOISE-- This week we're featuring funky food trucks here on Today's Morning News.

We may be landlocked in Idaho, but that doesn't mean you can't get a taste of the islands by taking a trip to a local parking lot.

Now, we're featuring the Kanak Attack food truck, which bills itself as a Hawaiian luau on wheels.

Damon Baugh, the co-owner of the Kanak Attack truck, showed off some of the eatery's most popular dishes to Doug recently.

"Today we've got our Hawaiian rice bowls. It's a play on a plate lunch," he said. "We've got our pulled pork our Hawaiian mac salad as a side. We have many different sides to choose from, and we also have our street tacos."

Baugh said pulled pork dishes are popular in Hawaii. Including them in the menu was a good way to bring a part of his culture to Boise, he said.

"Kahlua pig says everything about Hawaii," he said. "It's a dish that people travel to Hawaii to have and we felt it was best to bring it to Boise Idaho and showcase our culture of what we love to eat and a style of pulled pork that can't be duplicated. I say it's unique to us."

Baugh opened the truck with co-owner Michael Mohica. Although both men grew up in Hawaii, they did not know each other until life brought both of them to the Gem State. The truck has been in operation for about seven years.

"It was chance meetings. Fate has a way of working itself into play and here we are in Boise, Idaho," Baugh said. "He's been here about 20 years now, and I've recently moved here for the state of Washington. And it's just something that is great. It's a new craze that's going on and people love Hawaii."

Just to give you an idea of prices; you can get two street tacos for $5. A rice bowl is $8.
To learn more, visit the Kanak Attack website or Facebook page.