BOISE -- This week on Today’s Morning News, we're featuring funky food trucks in Boise you may not have heard of. On Monday, we started with Maggie O’Mara’s unique choice – Mad Mac!

Are you a fan of Mac and Cheese? It's the ultimate comfort food, and the owners of the Mad Mac food truck are reinventing it with incredible toppings. They take their creamy macaroni and cheese recipe made with five cheeses, and then add to it.

The most popular mac on the menu is the Southern Comfort. It has sweet corn and bacon on it. The menu is creative and impressive. They top their mac off with everything from buffalo chicken to pulled pork, and the portions are huge.

Their slogan is "Macaroni to die for!" and our morning crew says they're right. To find out more about the Mad Mac truck and where it is every week, follow this link.