Valley County has lost a legend. She was known around the state as the “pie lady,” but around Cascade, Mrs. G was known for decades as a neighbor who cared about her community and those who live there. Mrs. G passed away Monday morning from natural causes.

Whether it was reading at the local school or just being the stand-in grandma, Mrs. G did everything to support Valley County.

“She's touched a lot of people's hearts,” Yvette Davis, one of Mrs. G’s closest friends said.

The “pie lady” even had her own parking spot at the local American Legion Post; every week she would make a pie that would be auctioned off on Friday at the post with the proceeds going to the Coats for Kids campaign.

“She had a very big heart in a very small body and she was always doing things for other people,” Mike Keithly with the post said.

Keithly added they tried to calculate just how much money she raised for those in her community, but says they lost count at over $500,000 in donations.

“She truly, truly was one of a kind,” Keithly said.

A one-of-a-kind woman who many of the locals say made one-of-a-kind pies.

“The best one I've ever had,” Keithly said.

Over the years, Dorothy Jean Grimaud, also known as Mrs. G, made thousands of pies, hence the nickname the "pie lady.”

“She made pies for the choir, for the band, for 4H, for the church, the hospital,” Davis said.

She even made pies for the local law enforcement.

“She never got a ticket. She got pulled over, but she never got a ticket,” Davis said.

When it came to Mrs. G, she was just about as flavorful as her pies.

“She was ornery and like she said her last order was Davis you need to make pies for the Legion Thanksgiving,” Davis said.

“She would say something you would not expect a sweet little 92-year-old woman to say,” Laura Pierce, Mrs. G’s personal trainer said.

When you didn’t find Mrs. G in the kitchen, you could usually find her at the local gym, even at 92 she made exercise a part of her daily routine.

“She might be on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Hard to keep up with the woman,” Pierce said.

A sweet woman who will be remembered for a lot more than just her pies.

“She was just an institution. I always tell people if you're lucky in your life, you'll meet at least one person like Dorothy. So we were blessed to have her. Gonna miss her,” Keithly said.