The 2016 presidential race began nearly 600 days ago with nearly two dozen major party candidates.

To get to this point, some places have seen a record number of votes being cast.

But as you went to the polls Tuesday, we hope you noticed another number - the dozens and dozens of volunteer poll workers who helped make sure your vote counted.

We wanted to introduce you to a few of them who have turned Canyon County elections into a family affair.

If your polling place is the Lake Shore Drive Baptist Church in Nampa you've likely run into Joan Pancheri, who's worked the past 23 years in Canyon County's Precinct 27.

And you've also probably been checked in by Joan's daughter Cindy Squires and her husband Dave.

That's three poll workers…one family.

“We have a family that is really interested in making sure people get the opportunity to vote,” said Cindy.

But the Pancheri clan covers more than just one precinct.

About 10 miles to the north you'll find Jolynn Dicus - the senior judge for Precinct 16 and Joan's granddaughter.

But Jolynn has surrounded herself here with family too.

“So I have my husband, and then my nephew, and then my sister-in-law, and my niece is sitting up at the front desk,” said Jolynn.

So if you're keeping track, that's two precincts, eight parts of the Pancheri family.

Four miles to the west is the polling place for Precinct 15 under the direction of Dixie Parker.

Yep, you guessed it, she also has Pancheri pedigree.

She is Joan's daughter, Jolynn's mother and, by the way, Mackenna Ireland's grandmother - a first-time Pancheri poll worker.

And if you ask Dixie, she started this whole election lineage.

“I couldn't work one time and I had my mom fill in for me and that kind of started her working, and then I needed somebody so I talked my daughter into it,” said Dixie. “And then I needed somebody again so I talked her daughter into it, so it just kinda grew.”

So the final tally -- 10 family members, four generations, three precincts and one big responsibility.

“We believe in the United States of America and being, making a difference,” said Dixie.