BOISE - Well, if you're one of those who's into spring cleaning, washing windows is likely on your list of things to do - and probably not one of your favorite things to do.

However, one local man has made a career cleaning windows - no matter how many, or how high.

Chris La Prelle is the owner - and head window washer - of Clearview Window Cleaning.

On the day we talked to  him - like he's done twice a year for more than a decade - Chris and his crew were clinging to the side of the University Plaza Building, and cleaning their way down.

Standing only five stories and about 80 feet tall, it's certainly not the biggest building in town. But it is the glassiest

"This is the glassiest building in town, yeah, for sure," Chris said.

After 12 years cleaning windows around the Northwest, Chris brought his business to Boise.

"This was our first building down here," Chris said.

That was 16 years ago - and he still doesn't know how many windows are on this building"

"I've never counted them..."

But it's not their job to count 'em.

"Yeah we just clean em," Chris said. "If we started counting 'em we'd never get a job done."

Well, consider the job done. Chris used to drive into downtown pointing out the buildings he wanted to clean. These days, that would take too long - because Clearview cleans almost all of them.

"So i usually just point out the ones we don't do, ha ha," he said.

Chris has gotten so busy with the city getting bigger that he has had to bring in his son, Trevin - who used to be afraid of heights. Now, not so much..

"No, I mean I'm like a bird now used to being up here," Trevin said.

It just shows how comfortable they are, sitting in the best office chair in Boise.

In fact, they're so focused on filth that they hardly notice the office dwellers on the other side of the windows...

But they surely get noticed.

Kathleen Marion Carr has been a field solicitor on the fourth floor for the last several years and always stops to watch the friendly, neighborhood window washers through an inch of dirty glass

"You know, how they push off, and just how professional they are, and how fast they do it, and it's pretty cool," Carr said

But she wouldn't trade her job with the Department of the Interior to be hanging on the exterior of this building.

"I'd like to try it, I don't know that I'd put it on my bucket list but, it would be fun," she said.
she might get a bucket, though...

Oh, they've tried to hire help.

"It's hard to find good help doing this," Trevin said.

You mean, not everyone wants to be suspended at least 80 feet in the air in nothing but a Bosun's chair?

"We haven't found anyone yet," Trevin said.

Just John from Chicago, so for now it will be the three of em washing the thousands of downtown windows - and likely for years to come...

"Well, as long as I can unhook the rope and not fall to the ground I think I will be a high-rise window cleaner," Chris said.