BOISE - Memorial Day 2016 has come and gone, which means the dedications and commemorations have all been completed. But the organizers of one local display hoped to make an impression that will last for far longer than just a weekend.

The Eagle Field of Honor celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. For ten days each year, the annual display of American flags in Merrill Park brings thousands of visitors to pay their respects to fallen military men and women.

This year, more than 400 of the flags were sponsored, indicated by a yellow ribbon and marked with a name.

But the day after Memorial Day, the flags come down.

"It's a lot harder to take them down (than it was 10 years ago)," said Kathy Coburn, the co-chair of the Field of Honor.

Coburn says she does this each year for one reason.

"Meeting the people," she explained. "Meeting the people who have served, meeting the families who have people who are serving, or have in the past."

As volunteers gather up each flag, they take time to reflect on what it means.

"It just reminds us all of what people have paid and given," said Bob Rice.

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It's a bittersweet day for those who come to bring home their banner, like Harriet Crist, whose dad served as Marine in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

"He was a proud man," she said. "And when it came to Memorial Day or the Marine Corps birthday, that man never missed."

And while its a sad moment to see the flag-covered field disappear, they take solace in the fact that it will be back next May.