Nampa's new mayor was sworn in during Tuesday's city council meeting.

Debbie Kling told KTVB about her plan for her first 100 days in office and said it's all about assessment.

“The first 100 days is creating community connections,” she said. “Going back to the community to see what's important with them to learn and validate with city staff. We're going to be looking at every element of our city."

Her plan as mayor is showcasing Nampa's community. Kling wants to work with the people of Nampa and the other city and county leaders to successfully establish areas that need help.

“Nampa is a wonderful community. In the past, we had kind of this rap of being a crime or gang area - we really aren't," she said. "It's changing the image of Nampa and championing this great community."

Debbie Kling is sworn in as mayor of Nampa during a City Council meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 3.

Kling even has an acronym for her plan, ACT, which stands for Assess, Communicate and Target.

Areas she's already focusing on include public safety and keeping crime low.

"Really making sure that we have a vision for public safety, and that we're prepared for the growth,” she said.

To get ready for that growth, Kling wants to work on infrastructure which is an important key of revitalizing downtown Nampa.

"As far as the streets go and sidewalks that need repair, we need to focus on those at the same time,” Kling said. “We have tremendous growth taking place and our downtown is critically important. We need the vacant buildings occupied."

Kling's goal is set a vision for the city and make Nampa a place where people want to work and live.

"We have such an amazing community, and we will have a vibrant downtown,” she said. “We just have a little bit of work to do to get there."