Secretary of State Lawerence Denney hosted a voting system certification hearing Tuesday morning for some new equipment that could soon be eligible for use in Idaho.

The equipment under review include a new voting system, as well as a ballot scanner and tabulator.

Voting systems must be certified before use in Idaho, so on Tuesday, Denney watched and learned all about the new equipment so he and his office can decide if it holds up to state standards.

One of the topics discussed during the equipment demonstration was about voter security and election hacking.

Denney says new and updated machines can help prevent those issues.

"All of these machines are standalone machines, they are not connected to the internet, they are not remotely connected." he said. "There are a lot of checks and balances like that to make sure the elections are not hack-able."

If the new equipment is approved, it will be added to a list that counties around Idaho can choose from for their elections.

In Idaho, each county gets to decided how they want to process ballots. That can range from hand counts to the latest computer systems.

Denney's office will announce his official decision in the coming weeks.