BOISE - With just over three weeks until the election day, the 2016 voting season is officially open for Ada County. Monday, marked the first day of early voting in the county.

"We know already that we'll have a record number of people vote early on the first day of early voting today," said Ada County Deputy Clerk Phil McGrane.

In fact, more than a thousand people flocked to the polls in Ada County on Monday, breaking the previous record of 800.

"We even had a line of people waiting at 7 a.m. at our main headquarters this morning," McGrane said.

Ada County also unveiled their new mobile voting unit. They're calling it food truck voting because it allows for the voting location to come to the voters. McGrane says it is the first of its kind in the country.

"The concept that we have of the trailer and the food truck design is unique to us and it's something, so far it's working," McGrane said.

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He says by getting out to the voters, it allows for more people to vote.

"We've seen a number of judges, lawyers, and others who are normally busy in the building throughout the day making sure to make a break and get out here," McGrane said.

The idea of the mobile unit came about two years ago after a polling place went on lockdown. McGrane says they needed to have some way to set up and do it quickly.

"It was fast, just walk in and do it," said voter Nancy Hadrick. "I thought it was great."

Another voter, Tylor Martin, agreed: "With early voting there's only certain locations and sometimes people have to travel really far to get there, but with this being more available to people, people can drive short distances to get to the trailer and vote easier."

When it comes to early voting, anybody can vote at any location. It doesn't have to be at your home precinct.

"It doesn't matter what the location is, if you work someplace or just happen to be driving by, which we've experienced today, it's a great opportunity to get in and get your vote cast," McGrane said.

Voters can still register to vote during early voting and on election day. You'll need to bring your ID and proof of residency.

For a look at the early voting locations and a schedule for the mobile voting trailer, click here.