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What a difference a week makes

What a difference a week makes

by Zach Wolken
News Channel 7


Posted on November 15, 2010 at 12:09 AM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 5 at 5:34 AM

All in all, it was a great weekend for the Boise State football team. 

They went up to Moscow and beat up their rivals, possibly for the last time, and they moved up in the polls, as many thought they should after how things shook out over the weekend. 

Boise State is still fourth in the BCS Standings, but they are no longer a distant fourth behind TCU. 

At this time last week Bronco Nation as well as college football experts around the country were certain the Broncos were going to again be the team, no matter how well they did, that would finish the season on the outside looking in on the BCS.  TCU had a seemingly insurmountable lead in the BCS standings. 


Well, last week TCU was hanging its hat on an incredible blow out victory over then 5th ranked Utah.  Remember, the Horned Frogs just tooled the Utes 47-7 in Salt Lake City.  When that went down you had to be thinking something is not right. 

How does a top 5 team get run out of their own stadium?

Everyone was impressed, me included.  TCU had me thinking, WOW!  I had no idea they were that good.  I don't see why they shouldn't have a shot at the National Championship.  This team is really good.  Maybe they are better than the Broncos.

How can Boise State measure up to TCU if they have a win over the number 5 ranked team in the country?

Fast forward to this past Saturday and you've got your answer. 

TCU didn't necessarily struggle to beat San Diego State, they won 40-35, but their performance didn't impress the human pollsters at all. 

The pollsters didn't appreciate Utah's performance at Notre Dame.  The Fighting Irish just destroyed the Utes 28-3. 

That loss hurt TCU on both the human front and it hurt a lot in the computer polls. 

Now that win that is supposed to be TCU's signature victory of the season looks like a dud. 

That's likely the biggest reason Boise State has been able to creep back into the conversation. 

Another aspect TCU has going against them is the fact they only have one game remaining on their regular season schedule and it's against New Mexico.  A school that is not going to help them in the computer polls. 

BSU on the other hand has maybe its toughest two games coming in the next few weeks with Fresno State and then 18th ranked Nevada.  The Broncos might not be able to leap over TCU this next week in the BCS, but if they beat Nevada the following week the Broncos would have two wins over BCS top 25 schools, Virginia Tech and Nevada.  That's something TCU won't have. 

So it looks like for a change the Broncos BCS destiny is in their hands.  Exactly where it should be.