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The craziest of scenarios have the Broncos where?

by Zach Wolken
News Channel 7


Posted on June 6, 2010 at 9:40 PM

Updated Sunday, Jun 6 at 10:24 PM

We've been talking about it for days, but will Monday be the day Boise State is invited to join the Mountain West Conference? 

Before the weekend just about every indication would say, YES!

But now that the PAC-10 annexation of the college football world actually has legs the Mountain West might not be so quick to pull the trigger.  PAC-10 commissioner Larry Scott said Sunday afternoon that he's been given the green light to expand the conference, but Scott didn't indicate an immediate time frame.  What he did say was the league could decide on expansion before the end of the year.  What that means is anyone's guess.

The fact that the PAC-10 might mess around or play gamest might help the Broncos in the short run. If the Mountain West wants to make a run at getting high marks in the BCS' final season of conference evaluation (2011) they'd likely need a little push from Boise State in the football department. 

But if the MWC believes the PAC-10 will in fact eat up at least half of the Big 12, they might want to wait and see who's left from the conference.  From the looks of things, Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Baylor, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State would be the schools to possibly join the new PAC-10.  Colorado would likely be left out because the Texas legislature says the University of Texas and the rest of the big Texas schools can't leave the Big 12 without their little, less successful football brother, Baylor. 

The odd man out will more than likely be the Colorado Buffalos.  CU might still think they're above the MWC and not want to become part of the conference.  But to be honest at this point they'd certainly fit right in.  They already have a great rivalry with Colorado State and geographically they're around all the MWC schools.  Colorado of course might have to swallow its pride a bit.  The once proud Buffalos of the Big 8, a National Championship program, would be playing in a much different, lesser traditional conference than what they're used to. 

Lets not forget about Kansas, Kansas State, and Iowa State who are also likely going to be on the outside looking in. If Colorado elects to join the MWC, if everything goes like it should (or shouldn't) and the PAC-10 scenario that leaves them out, Kansas and Kansas State could follow suit into the MWC.  Where Iowa State ends up no one can guess...Conference USA?  Who knows.

Let us not forget, the Big 12 gave Missouri and Nebraska a deadline to find out their long term plans in the Big 12 by the end of this week.  It appears both of those schools would like to go to the Big 10, but will they be invited?  If they aren't there are still six teams left in the Big 12.  In order to keep their BCS status the Big 12 would have to add a few more teams.  Where would they come from?  Possibly the Mountain West.  TCU, Utah, or BYU might be invited, so where does that leave BSU is they are invited into the MWC?  It makes the move to the MWC look pretty unpopular because the Broncos are right back at square one. 

Here's another crazy idea that Justin Corr mentioned to me!  What if the Broncos are invited on Monday.  The Big 12 blows up and Colorado goes to the PAC-10, then Kansas and Kansas State join the Mountain West.  Could you imagine Boise State playing Kansas in basketball in Boise once a year.  There's one way to fill up Taco Bell arena.

Here's one other idea to chew on.  What happens to the BSU -Idaho rivalry in all of this.  If BSU jumps from the WAC to the MWC do you really think the Broncos will agree to go to Moscow every other year?  It just doesn't sound like something that would be beneficial to the BSU program every season.  So say good bye to that rivalry if the Broncos move conferences.  That's actually kind of a bummer. 

But you know what might be the craziest scenario of them all?  If everything stays the same!  The Broncos stay in the WAC, the PAC-10 stays the PAC-10 and the Big 12 continues to be the Big 12.  But might that be the best scenario out there?  Ponder that...