WSU fraternity forced to give up pet gator

Credit: Delta Upsilon Fraternity

Grizz the gator frolics in his tank at Delta Upsilon's house on the WSU campus in this picture taken from home video.




Posted on August 15, 2009 at 4:34 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 14 at 1:07 PM

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PULLMAN, Wash. -A group of WSU fraternity brothers had to give up their pet alligator after Pullman Police told them it was against the law to keep a gator as a pet.

The Delta Upsilon brothers didn't know that until they'd already spent hundreds buying it off the internet and taking care of it.

"We were all sitting around one night and we saw an email and website that said you can buy an alligator," said Lane Quadracci, the pet's owner.

$133 later the reptile was shipped to the Delta Upsilon house in Pullman.

"We opened it up and it was just styrofoam, newspaper and a gator," said Quadracci."We thought it would be small, but we opened it up and it was big. We were pretty shocked."

Quadracci and his friends named it Grizz, and set up a fairly expensive home for him.

"We have more money invested in the gator than in our bank accounts because we kept having to buy stuff for it heat lamps, water heaters and filters," said Quadracci.

Grizz needed special rocks and sand in his tank, and plenty of crickets to eat.

The students did cut corners in places, as the heat lamp was strung up by shoelaces.

Because the gator didn't have teeth, the brothers weren't worried about anyone getting hurt.

Word got around campus about the reptile, and pretty soon police got wind of it. Days later the alligator was gone.

"Personally I didn't want the alligator," said Pullman Police Commander Chris Tennant. "We gave them seven days before playing hardball to find a good home for it."

The new home is WSU's Veterinary School.

The brothers are allowed to visit the reptile, but it may get sent back to where it came from aswamp in Florida.