6-year-old killed in Monster truck mishap at Tacoma Dome

Credit: KING

Witnesses say this was the truck involved in Friday night's accident at the Tacoma Dome.


by KING5.com Staff


Posted on August 15, 2009 at 4:34 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 14 at 12:33 PM

Video: Monster truck mishap kills boy, injures man at Tacoma Dome

TACOMA, Wash. - A 6-year-old boy died and a man was injured when a piece from a truck flew into the stands at the Monster Jam monster truck show Friday night at the Tacoma Dome.

Police and fire officials said the victims were taken to the hospital and KING 5 News received confirmation early this morning that the boy had died. Earlier reports that the two were related were incorrect.

KING 5 has confirmed that the boy attended Graham Elementary School.

Christine Moe was there with her family and saw the horrifying accident.

"When they came over to the end of the grandstands, the truck broke. Parts were falling off and a piece flew up and hit a little boy. He couldn't have been more than 5 years old," Moe said, her voice full of emotion.

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"I talked to the people sitting next to them. Their little girl had blood all over them. It was just so horrible," said Moe. "You just saw the mother just sitting there holding her son and the whole top of his head was just gushing with blood."

It was right after intermission during the free-style competition when witnesses say the incident occurred.

Witnesses say a truck driver started doing donuts when debris flew into the stands.

Witnesses who were sitting behind the victims say debris from a red truck flew some 30 to 50 feet into the stands. They say there was no netting or glass between the stands and the arena floor.

"And it hit him in the head and there was blood everywhere," witness Adrian Kelley said. "There was everybody running down towards him and people were putting towels over his head."

"The poor dad was just collapsed at the top of the stairs," Moe said. "Just because he was in such shock."

Those who witnessed it wonder why it took so long for the boy to get help, and why the show continued.

Witnesses say they had to throw cups off the stands to try and get the attention of medics.

"They didn't even stop the damn show," Moe said. "They just kept going. We grabbed our kids and just beelined out of there."

According to the Tacoma Dome's Web site, four more Monster Jam shows are scheduled for today and Sunday.