Man arrested for repeatedly calling 911 over McDonald's order




Posted on August 15, 2009 at 4:34 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 14 at 12:26 PM

PORTLAND- Emergency dispatchers in Clackamas County say a man's repeated abuse of 911 could have put lives at risk.

KGW report: Hear the 911 call

He was eventually arrested for improper use of 911.

It happened early Friday morning outside the McDonalds at SE 82nd Ave. and Sunnyside Road.

Apparently, three young men were unhappy with their burger order so they called 911 repeatedly tying up the lifesaving lines for nearly 20 minutes.

First responder Andrew Mickelson took the call.

"I told him it was something he should take up with the manager because it wasn't something the police was going to get involved with," said Mickelson.

Police released the 911 recordings.

"I was at a McDonalds and I paid $10 and these guys gave me one burger and fries -- that's it, man," the caller said.

Mickelson responded, "Sir, this is not a 911 emergency; 911 is only for life and death situations."

However, the man and two of his friends were so upset over the hamburger incident they continued to call 911 over and over again.

"You are telling me I can't get a cop right here at 82nd and Sunnyside road? I will sue your [expletive] office right now," screamed the caller.

Mickelson said, "You are going to sue our office because you're calling 911 and they didn't give you the correct food?"

The caller responded in anger. "You [expletive] send an officer right here right now because I got [expletive] cheated!"

Mickelson said 911 operators frequently get cursed at from callers who take out their frustrations on them, but usually it's not over hamburgers.

The three men made such a scene outside the drive-up window that other McDonald's customers started calling 911 fearing for the safety of restaurant employees. Meanwhile, the upset men used a new tactic to get attention from dispatchers.

The caller said, "Oh my God, the lady at McDonalds has a gun pointed at my head. Send a cop right now."

Mickelson asks, "Does she have a gun pointed at your head?"

"Yup. You're going to send me a cop," demands the caller.

"Yes, I'm going to send you a cop. What's your name?" asks Mickelson.

"My name is Jeremy Martin. Send me a cop right now!" the caller said.

There was no gun but there was a Jeremy Martin.

Martin, 23, was arrested for improper use of 911. His two friends fled the scene. Dispatchers say the abusive 911 calls could have easily put other lives at risk and it was all over a hamburger.

With Fourth of July fast approaching dispatchers warn everyone not to call 911 with noise complaints; police won't respond to them.

The 911 service is reserved for life and death emergencies only. Anything less can put lives at risk and, as Martin found out, put you in jail.