Homeowner: Realtor caught partying in home for sale

Credit: Hillsboro police

Homeowner: Realtor caught partying in home for sale




Posted on August 15, 2009 at 4:34 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 14 at 11:49 AM

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HILLSBORO, Ore. -- A Hillsboro realtor is facing charges for allegedly breaking into homes that he had access to for his job.

Dan Kuske came home from a business trip and found a stranger in his house.

"I was like, who are you and he told me he was a realtor showing my house."

Kuske is selling his Hillsboro home for $799,000. But he only lets certain people in.

"I'm very strict about it."

So imagine his surprise when he found Michael Messmer, 41, inside his house, having a cocktail.

"I said so when do you have cocktails while showing houses? And he said, your liquor cabinet was so good I couldn't resist. I was like; you've got to be kidding me?"

He wasn't.

Kuske says Messmer didn't only raid his liquor cabinet; he helped himself to the garage refrigerator and started mixing white Russian cocktails.

"I was like, who is this guy? Are you having a party?"

It sure seemed like it.

Messmer wasn't alone. A woman was with him.

"I didn't even have time for her."

Kuske found himself getting even angrier and finally, he threw the two out. He also noticed his Sony Playstation 2 was missing.

He later found out the two had been in his home for 21/2 hours.

"They could've cleaned me out. "

Hillsboro police didn't take long to find Messmer. The lock box had a vivid print-out of who was inside Kuske's home.

Turns out, Hillsboro and Cornelius police were looking for him. Detectives think Messmer burglarized four different homes.

One Cornelius commander told us he thought Messmer was trying to impress his date by showing her Kuske's house.

So, what did they do for those two hours?

"I don't know but I do have a 6mm gun underneath the pillow."< /p>