WA teen jailed for posting nude pics on MySpace

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Tyler Deccio appeared in court Wednesday.




Posted on August 15, 2009 at 4:34 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 14 at 11:46 AM

Video: Teen lands in jail after posting nude pictures online

EVERETT, Wash. - An 18-year-old ended up in jail this week, accused of posting nude photos of his Arlington ex-girlfriend on MySpace.

"Sexting" is the term for when someone uses their phone to send text messages containing nude photos of themselves.

A 15-year-old student at Arlington's Haller Middle School sent nude photos to 18-year-old Tyler Deccio. When they broke up, the photos ended up on MySpace.

"She thought she could trust him, thought he was a nice kid, probably thought he would keep those pics private," said Lisa Wojciechowicz, spokesperson for the Arlington Police Department.

When they broke up, police say Deccio started text messaging threats to her - demanding more nude pictures.

"He was making demands of very specific pictures of her body, and specific circumstances and making some veiled threats," Wojciechowicz said.

Police say he threatened to show the pictures he had to her family. Then he created an account on MySpace with her name, the pictures and crude comments.

She went to a school counselor, who went to police.

"There were about half a dozen pictures of her," Wojciechowicz said.

Deccio appeared in court yesterday. Officers arrested him on suspicion of harassment, and sex crimes for posting nude pictures of a minor. All three are felonies.

Police say this case is reminder to keep what is private -- private.

When police arrested Deccio, they say he admitted to everything and told them he thought his girlfriend was cheating.

A judge released him on his own recognizance, pending formal charges.